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About me

Qualifications and professional experience

  • I studied translation (German and English) at SAL (Höhere Fachschule für Sprachberufe) in Zurich and hold a Diploma in Translation. I have been working as a German > English translator since 2009 and translate in the following areas: humanities, special education, educational psychology, Swiss tenancy law, tourism, politics and economics. I also translate children’s books.

  • Besides English, German and Swiss German, I also speak some Chinese.

  • I am SVEB-qualified (Module 1) and have been teaching German and Swiss German (Zurich dialect) as a second language since 2009.

Background and life experience

I was born in Australia. My mother tongue is English. Thanks to my unique cultural background (half Asian and half European), I grew up with an intimate understanding and fascination for different cultures. The desire to experience other cultures first-hand was the reason I moved to Europe. Since my arrival in Switzerland, I have also learnt German and Swiss German. I am now proficient in German; Swiss German is my second mother tongue.

Why me as your translator, teacher and intercultural interpreter?

  • My professional and life experience with multiculturalism, multilingualism and intercultural communication enables me to translate texts with precision, enthusiasm, intuition and passion.

  • Thanks to these qualities and experience, I am perceptive and responsive to the needs of each of my course participants.

  • My sound knowledge of the Swiss school system and my language skills enable me, as an intercultural interpreter, to ensure and promote understanding between immigrants and professionals in the education sector.

What my clients say about me