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What my clients learning High German say:

  • Susan
    "What would you do, if you could find a teacher who was able to make learning German a pleasure?  If she explained the grammar in a way that made sense?  If she tailored your lessons to suit your needs exactly?  If you never felt you should be learning faster or remembering more than you can?  If you could look forward to every lesson, knowing the time would by fly without a boring moment?  You would probably call her immediately to arrange to meet her.  Her name is Lianne Fatzer and her number is 076 587 3060.  Viel Spass!"

  • Marcus
    “My experience of learning Hoch-Deutsch with Lianne has been a positive one. She is knowledgeable, patient and lots of fun. She formulized a curriculum that targeted on my end goal which was more conversational German and grammar. Because she went through the same experience of learning High German and Swiss German as an English speaking Expat, I found that she picked up on my frustrations and confusions very quickly and encouraged me a lot more. As a result of her classes, I have had more confidence in speaking German and my understanding (listening, grammar and vocabulary skills) have improved immensely.“

  • Stephanie
    "Lianne is exactly the kind of person you want teaching you the German language.  She knows what you are trying to say and always explains grammar and syntax from a perspective to make you understand.  Her lessons are varied and interesting and I am constantly learning something new.  Our hour together always seems to go by too fast and I look forward to our sessions.  I only wish I could converse with her more often."

  • Peggy
    "I enjoy working with you and feel your teaching style has been very effective.  I want to thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive teacher."

  • Norman
    "I appreciate the effort and patience you have shown and I am making progress (in German).  Your teaching skills and lesson preparation are excellent.  Thank you, Lianne."

  • Mary-Jane (mother of two of my students)
    "We were very impressed with the way in which Lianne set about her preparation. She carefully interviewed us to understand how each of our children prefers to learn, and what materials they were using at school. She then worked out a program for them to reach their goals, based on their learning styles. It is a testament to Lianne's teaching ability that our son actually asked us if he could continue having regular lessons with her, as he moved on in his schooling."

  • Sonia, Zürich
    I was referred to Lianne by a friend, and the main reason I chose to take lessons was because she can conduct them through Skype which is convenient because I travel often. At first, I thought it might be a bit challenging, but I am very happy with our lessons. During our trial lesson, Lianne was able to identify where my strengths and weaknesses are, so my lessons are tailored to my level. Our lessons are structured, but we also have a lot of casual conversation, which I find very helpful! I feel comfortable asking questions, and Lianne is very patient and clear when we are covering a topic that is difficult for me. Lianne gives helpful homework assignments and good tips on books to read or podcasts to listen to that are at my level. I would definitely recommend Lianne as a German Teacher if you have a changing travel schedule and are looking for great 1:1 attention!


What my clients learning Swiss German say:

  • Pedro
    "I started with Lianne with little knowledge of Swiss German but within a few months my understanding was dramatically improved and I even found the confidence to speak with my Swiss colleagues at work! Very supportive and patient. Many thanks Lianne."

  • Marina
    "I am very lucky that I found Lianne to learn swiss german. On our first meeting in person, she interviewed me to find out exactly what my needs are and adjusted the class accordingly. And I can say, that after some months my understanding in swiss german has very much improved and I'm happy with my progress. In addition, the class with Lianne is very pleasant and easy to talk to. [...] Lianne is very professional and the classes over skype work just fine and are very practical. I can definitely recommend her if you wish to have good results and enjoy the process of learning as well!"